Welcome newcomers and old friends.

 I am Jerica Arnold of Stella + G Photography. I am a follower of my sweet savior Jesus, lover of air plants, locally roasted coffee, non-rhyming poetry, vintage cameras, and meeting new people. I am married to the sweetest soul ever. I think there's something incredibly powerful about capturing pure, raw emotion. I believe photos should be natural, bold, and authentic. If you ever want to meet up near Denton, I'm always down for coffee or chips + salsa. Tacos are a good option, too. 


My style is a mixture between artistic + lifestyle photography with a warm, filmy feel. I wanna get moody + dreamy. I love what I see through the viewfinder + I tend to squeal like a little girl with excitement. I am excited to take portraits to a new level + want to push the boundaries of creativity with you. Let's grab some coffee, chat, + do this.

I have a love for other cultures. I am intrigued by rituals + celebrations that have been practiced for generations. Something as simple as taking someone's photograph + engaging in conversation can build bridges as well as understanding something of such unfamiliarity. I've had the honor of attending events that have built relationships with others in ways that I can't even begin to describe. Authenticity is valued greatly by me. Stay true to who you are. Seriously.